PPF Media Kit

PPF is a magazine about personal protection of an individual at work and during leisure time activities. The combination of comfort and fashionableness in terms of personal protection equipment as well as protective workwear is increasingly getting in demand. It is our goal to inform extensively about these subjects.

From head to toe – the protection of our well-being and health against negative influences and dangers at work as well as during nowadays intense outdoor activities requires to inform and update our readers about possible ways of prevention.

Today it seems that the overall awareness of a person at work toward the need of protecting ones health and life at any given moment has grown even beyond the legal norms and directions. Besides the desire for comfort the aspect of attractiveness and fashionableness seems to become more and more dominant. In order to combine functionality with fashionableness confronts the manufacturer of workwear and personal safety products with new challenges. Who would like to – caused by his outfit – spend ones working hours running around like an alien? The identification with ones job and employer causes everyone to rethink and to maybe even question certain circumstances. The fact remains that most of the companies and services tend to develop an image for themselves by an outfit that is attractive, easily recognizable and at the same time helps to protect against dangers at work.

Corporate Fashion is the expression for a fairly new marketingtool that is gaining in significance. PPF stands by itself, meaning it is not linked to any organizations or associations and simply informs about product innovations and renewals, trends, applications, trade exhibitions and events relevant to the topics mentioned above. Personal protection equipment such as the protection of the head, the respiration, the eyes, the hearing, the skin, the hands as well as safety clothing and safety shoes is the main focus of the reviews and articles provided by PPF. The magazine addresses primarily the decision makers such as management, marketingdivisions, head of purchasing department, safety experts, industrial medicals as well as members of the works comittee and the head of the staff department.

The target groups of PPF magazine for personal protection at work and work-, businesswear:


  • product innovations
  • applicabilities, use
  • trends
  • trade exhibitions
  • events
  • corporate fashion
  • personal protection equipment such as:
    • head protection
    • respiration protection
    • eye protection
    • ear protection
    • skin protection
    • hand protection
    • body protection
    • safety shoes
Target groups:

  • manufacturers of textiles and fabrics
  • decision makers
  • management
  • marketing-divisions
  • head of purchasing department
  • safety experts
  • industrial medicals
  • members of the works comittee and the head of the staff department